Mid-Size Business Merchant Services

Expand your reach with Cardconnect’s innovative mid-size business merchant services. Embrace the power of seamless multi-currency transactions and advanced online payment processing solutions to expand your reach.



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Expand Your Reach with Seamless Global Payment Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses

Enhanced Global Sales Opportunities

Open your business to the global market with Cardconnect’s Multi-Currency Conversion. Attract and retain international customers, simplify purchases, and increase sales potential by offering robust, hassle-free transactions in their local currency.

Improved International Customer Satisfaction

Show prices in customers’ local currencies and enhance transparency with Dynamic Currency Conversion. By making transactions clearer and more understandable, you can reduce payment disputes and increase customer satisfaction—vital to global success.

Streamlined Online Growth

Expand your digital footprint effortlessly with Cardconnect’s merchant services. Our e-commerce payment processing solutions support a wide variety of payment methods, helping you tap into new markets and meet the growing demand for online shopping experiences.

Robust Transaction Security

Enhance the security of every transaction with state-of-the-art encryption and tokenization. With Cardconnect’s secure payment processing solutions, you can safeguard sensitive customer information against breaches and ensure compliance with international payment standards, thus building trust with your customers and partners.

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Creating a merchant services account is quick and easy.

Partner with an industry leader in integrated payments. Enjoy the ease of accepting payments in multiple places across your business – all without the hassle. With our omnichannel services, businesses can easily generate sales in-store, online, and on mobile devices. For all your merchant payment processing solutions, turn to Cardconnect. We offer technical expertise to engineer secure merchant payment processing solutions that feature flexible integration options.

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2. Our team connects with you

Our merchant support teams will work with you to determine the best processing solutions based on your business’s payment acceptance needs.

3. We set up your payment acceptance solutions

Once your merchant account is approved, our teams will set you up with your solutions and provide any user training needed.

4. You start accepting credit card payments

When you’re ready to go, begin accepting credit card payments and get access to our merchant support teams 24/7.