Non-Profit Payment Processing

Empower your organization with Cardconnect’s specialized nonprofit payment processing services designed to meet the unique needs of non-profit organizations. Our innovative payment processor allows you to collect donations securely and efficiently, whether online, in person, or on the go. With our robust payment processor, your non-profit can enhance donor satisfaction, streamline operations, and allow you to focus more on your mission.



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Secure, Simplified Non-Profit Payment Processing

Explore Cardconnect’s dynamic payment processing for nonprofits, designed to enhance donation processes across multiple platforms while ensuring the utmost security and convenience for donors and your organization alike.

Maximize Donations with Multi-Channel Payment Flexibility

Versatile payment methods designed to enhance donor engagement and participation.

Tap into the significant benefits of Cardconnect’s tailored payment processing for nonprofits, designed to enhance your fundraising efforts through increased accessibility, heightened security, and streamlined operations. This nonprofit payment processing empowers your organization to attract more donations securely and conveniently so you can focus on expanding your impact while providing an exceptional donor experience that fosters long-term engagement and support.

Increased Donation Accessibility

Cardconnect’s online and mobile payment tools open new avenues to collect donations, allowing you to accept payments such as credit card payments, online donations, contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and even ACH payments right from their bank account. This makes it easy for supporters to contribute from anywhere at any time, significantly boosting your nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities, impact, and reach.

Trust and Security for Donors

Instill trust among your donors by safeguarding their transactions through enhanced security features like encryption and tokenization, creating a secure environment that encourages more frequent and larger donations because they have peace of mind knowing their financial information is protected.

Streamlined Administrative Processes

With our comprehensive and flexible payment platform, you can automate the essential aspects of your billing and payment operations, increasing overall organizational efficiency by reducing manual tasks and allowing you to allocate more resources to your core mission activities.

Flexible Donation Options

Cardconnect offers multiple payment channels so that every donor can contribute in the way that suits them best, whether online, in person, or via mobile. This flexibility enhances donor satisfaction and increases the likelihood of recurring contributions, the bread and butter of a successful non-profit.

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