Innovative POS Systems for Every Restaurant

Tap into your restaurant’s full potential with Cardconnect’s comprehensive restaurant payment processing solutions. From fast online ordering systems to efficient table management, our payment processors cater to every dining style. Benefit from quick service enhancements, robust full-service support, and secure transactions, all designed to optimize your operations and elevate the customer experience.



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Get Advanced Restaurant Payment Solutions for Easy Dining

Cardconnect equips restaurants with various advanced restaurant payment processing solutions that streamline ordering, billing, and payment processes, elevate the dining experience for guests, and simplify operations for staff.

Online Ordering

Expand your restaurant’s reach with our online ordering system that integrates seamlessly with your website and popular delivery platforms to streamline orders and improve customer service.

Transform Your Restaurant’s Transactions

Get integrated payment solutions designed to boost efficiency in your restaurant, online and in-store.

Cardconnect provides restaurants with integrated payment processing solutions tailored to streamline operations and enhance revenue. Our intuitive point-of-sale systems and secure payment gateway enable faster table turnover, improved order management, and enhanced customer experiences.

Streamlined Front and Back of House Communication

Enhance your restaurant’s efficiency with a restaurant POS system that facilitates seamless communications between servers and kitchen staff. You can make accurate order modifications and special requests quickly and easily, reducing errors and improving customer satisfaction.

Flexible Payment Options for Customers

Offer your customers unparalleled convenience with multiple payment methods, including mobile payments, cards, and digital payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our restaurant POS systems feature built-in LTE connections to ensure uninterrupted service even during internet downtimes so you never miss a payment.

Efficient Remote Management Capabilities

Run your restaurant from anywhere with our advanced remote management tools. Easily access financial reports, schedule staff shifts, and manage inventory and payroll from multiple locations so you’re always connected to your operations and can make informed decisions on the go.

Advanced Security for Payment Transactions

Protect your customers’ sensitive payment information and your reputation with our state-of-the-art point-to-point encryption. With this advanced security measure, you can prevent data breaches, enhance trust, and safeguard your restaurant’s reputation from potential security threats.

Robust Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory control with our restaurant POS system that updates in real time. Track stock levels, predict reorder points accurately, and manage supplies efficiently in one platform. You’ll never overstock or run out of essential items again!

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