Payment Processing Systems

Cardconnect is your secure partner for your small to mid-sized business payment processing needs. We will help you process payments for your online, mobile, or in-person customers within two days of signing up for our services. We offer payment processing solutions for every scenario – with the lowest transaction fees.



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About Our Products

Eliminate the hassle of having to manage multiple systems for processing payments. CardPointe and CardSecure work seamlessly together to offer a reliable and secure payment solution for your business.


CardPointe is an all-encompassing and secure cloud-based system designed to streamline payment acceptance and management. Our cutting-edge terminals allow you to accept payments from virtually anywhere with fast, secure electronic payments that POS merchants can utilize from any device. Our comprehensive credit and debit card processing platform makes accepting, integrating, and managing payments simple.

CardPointe can easily integrate with existing platforms with the lowest payment processing fees. With CardPointe, you can easily authorize, capture, void, and refund transactions using your desktop or mobile device, access real-time comprehensive lifecycle reports, effortlessly handle multiple merchant accounts and locations.


CardSecure is a unique protective layer within CardPointe that shields every credit card transaction, preventing the potential harm of data breaches.

CardSecure offers:
  • Patented Tokenization: Substitutes valuable information with irreversible tokens, rendering it useless to hackers in case of a breach.
  • Protection in Transit and at Rest: Safeguards credit card data during and after the transaction.
  • PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE): Encrypts credit card data at the point of sale, ensuring security throughout the transaction’s lifecycle.

Process Payments With Ease

Cardconnect serves a wide variety of industries with their payment processor needs. Each business gets 24/7 support for technical needs, detailed reports, and customer onboarding. Our merchant portal offers seamless reconciliation, transaction handling, and report generation in a single, convenient platform.

Benefits of Cardconnect Payment Processors

Streamlined Payment Processing

CardPointe provides a seamless payment processing experience, allowing businesses to easily authorize, capture, void, and refund transactions from desktop or mobile devices. This efficiency improves operational workflows and customer satisfaction.

PCI Compliance

Both CardSecure and CardPointe are validated by the PCI SSC, which reduces the burden of compliance management for businesses, ensuring they meet industry standards for data security.

Fraud Prevention

These solutions offer robust protection against payment fraud, safeguarding business and customer data integrity. This helps maintain customer trust and minimize the risk of financial losses due to fraudulent activities.

Secure Data Handling

CardSecure employs tokenization and encryption techniques to protect credit card data. This ensures that sensitive information remains inaccessible to unauthorized parties, reducing the risk of data breaches and associated liabilities.

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