Payment Processing Integrations

Enhance business functionality with robust payment solutions that seamlessly integrate with your preferred shopping cart, accounting software, or website platform, unlocking new capabilities and streamlining operations.



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Find an Integrated Payment Solution for Your Business

Cardconnect offers versatile integration options, including CardPointe Integrated Terminals with EMV and NFC capabilities, mobile and USB card readers for on-the-go payments, and customizable Hosted Payment Pages for eCommerce. Additional integrations support payroll, accounting, data validation, and comprehensive business reporting.

CardPointe Integrated Terminals

Our range of CardPointe Integrated Terminals is fully compatible with the CardPointe Virtual Terminal, featuring EMV (chip card) acceptance and NFC for secure, contactless payment options.

CardPointe SDKs

The CardPointe Mobile Device is ideal for curbside or on-the-go payment acceptance. For a simple card reader that connects to a computer or laptop, our USB readers are fully compatible with the CardPointe Virtual Terminal.

CardPointe HPP

CardPointe HPP is an ideal eCommerce solution for businesses seeking seamless payment processing integrations, featuring easy-to-customize checkout pages for online transactions and charitable donations.

Other Integrations and Plugins

Cardconnect offers other integrated payment processing solutions to meet your business needs. Our modern integrated systems accept payments and assist with payroll, accounting, data validation, and business reporting and growth.

Key Benefits of Cardconnect's Integrated Payment Systems

Integrated payment solutions offer better transaction data and functionality. CardPointe’s powerful POS plugins streamline business operations and enhance payment offerings. Integrations with shopping carts, accounting software, and website solutions boost efficiency. Support for EMV, NFC, and mobile payments enhances customer convenience. Access to comprehensive reporting tools helps make informed decisions, driving higher sales and smoother transactions.

Why Cardconnect?

Better Transaction Data

More integrations mean more possibilities. Integrated payment solutions go beyond just accepting payments. CardPointe enhances your toolkit with powerful POS plugins.

Streamline Operations With Plugins

CardPointe users can access valuable extensions, including point-of-sale options and software solutions, to streamline business processes, enhance payment offerings, and boost sales.

Enhance Functionality

Integrations with shopping carts, accounting software, and website solutions streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Support Various Payment Methods

An integrated payment processor supports various payment methods, including EMV, NFC, and mobile payments, enhances customer convenience.

Offers Valuable Insights

Your integrated solutions can give you access to comprehensive reporting and analytics tools helps make informed business decisions.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms and POS systems supports smoother transactions and higher sales conversions.

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