eCommerce Payment Solutions

Your ability to grow your online business depends on a reliable, secure ecommerce payment solution. With Cardconnect, collecting online payments has never been easier—no matter the payment method.



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Our eCommerce Platform

CardPointe offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for secure online credit card payments. The CardPointe Gateway enables seamless integration with developer-friendly APIs, detailed transaction reporting, and fee reduction through interchange optimization. The Hosted Payment Page simplifies eCommerce with customizable features, fraud protection, and PCI compliance. Integrations and payment plugins further enhance capabilities, connecting with shopping carts, accounting tools, and POS systems for efficient transaction management.

CardPointe Gateway

Connect to the CardPointe Payment Gateway to securely accept payments online. Use developer-friendly APIs for checkout pages and mobile apps. Access detailed transaction reporting, reduce monthly fees with interchange optimization, and ensure secure, low-cost transactions.

CardPointe Hosted Payment Page

CardPointe’s Hosted Payment Page is a customizable, secure eCommerce solution that allows online stores to process payments. With quick setup and no developer involvement, it integrates seamlessly with CardPointe Gateway. It reduces fraud exposure, simplifies PCI compliance, and enhances the shopping experience with branding options and detailed payment fields.

Integrations and Plugins

CardPointe’s integrations and plugins enhance eCommerce capabilities for your online store by seamlessly connecting with shopping carts, accounting software, and website solutions. Expand your payment processing with POS plugins, integrated terminals, mobile devices, and USB readers. Enjoy streamlined business processes, customizable checkout pages, and QuickBooks integration for efficient transaction management.

Key Benefits of Cardconnect's eCommerce Platform

Cardconnect offers secure payment processing for your eCommerce store, with seamless integration of payment methods, efficient processing, and enhanced customer experiences, ensuring secure transactions and streamlined business management. Plus, you can start accepting payments in two days!

Why Cardconnect for Your eCommerce Solutions?

Secure Payment Processing

CardPointe’s eCommerce products ensure secure online transactions, protect sensitive customer data, and reduce fraud risks.

Streamlined Integration

With developer-friendly APIs and quick setup, businesses can seamlessly integrate CardPointe’s solutions into their existing systems, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The customizable Hosted Payment Page improves the shopping experience with branded checkout pages, detailed payment fields, and secure payment processing, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

Efficient Business Management

Integrations and plugins streamline e-commerce business processes, from payment processing and accounting to inventory management, enhancing efficiency and allowing businesses to focus on growth and serving customers.

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