Hosted Payment Page Solutions

Cardconnect offers the best eCommerce solutions for online stores. We will help you implement a simple, customizable, secure payment page that fits your business’ branding.



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Cardconnect's Hosted Payment Pages

Our Hosted Payment Pages offer easy setup, integrate with CardPointe Gateway, and are protected by CardSecure. Use our customized pages for secure, branded transactions while reducing fraud. Simplify PCI compliance with Cardconnect.

Hassle-Free Setups

Experience simple setups with our Hosted Payment Pages. No developer is needed, there’s a quick setup process, a direct integration with CardPointe Gateway, and it’s protected by CardSecure for easy PCI compliance management.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Get payment fields with specific line item details and customized order information. Additionally, you’ll be able to personalize the entire form with your elements like logos, messaging, and colors, and you’ll get a checkout page that works for your business with customizable confirmations and receipts.

Enhance Security & Streamline Compliance

Significantly reduce fraud exposure, provide customers with a secure shopping experience, and simplify passing PCI scans to save time and money.

Streamline Invoicing Processes

Utilize Cardconnect’s Hosted Payment Page to send invoices easily and efficiently, keep track of invoice payments conveniently, and simplify invoice management with secure, customizable payment options.

Key Benefits of Cardconnect's Hosted Payment Page

Cardconnect is a top-tier payment service provider for accepting online payments through hosted payment pages with credit and debit cards. You can experience 24/7 support, comprehensive documentation, and round-the-clock customer assistance, ensuring reliable and responsive support whenever needed. We guarantee secure payment processing, safeguarding sensitive customer data and minimizing fraud risks. Its developer-friendly APIs and quick setup allow businesses to seamlessly integrate Cardconnect’s solutions into their existing systems, enhancing operational efficiency. Cardconnect’s reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into transaction trends, customer behavior, and financial performance, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize operations effectively.

Why Use Cardconnect?

Top-Tier Customer Service

Our 24/7 support ensures peace of mind with comprehensive documentation, sandbox testing for seamless integration, and round-the-clock customer assistance.

Secure Transactions

Cardconnect ensures secure payment processing, protects sensitive customer data, and reduces fraud risks.

Streamlined Integration

With developer-friendly APIs and quick setup, businesses can seamlessly integrate Cardconnect’s solutions into their existing systems.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Tools

Our tools give businesses valuable insights into transaction trends, customer behavior, and financial performance, helping them make informed decisions to optimize their operations.

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